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How does the e-course work?
What does the course contain?
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Remember Me - How To Create Your Own Life Celebration

A wonderful thing happened when you were born – you entered the world as a beautifully unique individual. There had never been anyone else like you on the planet before. And there never will be again. No-one will ever look like you, sound like you, have the same blend of characteristics, personality, qualities, tastes, experiences, relationships, achievements, challenges… the same life. You are a one off, never to be repeated. Isn’t that incredible? 

Your uniqueness was celebrated when you arrived into the world and it should be celebrated when you leave it too. And although you will probably have as much say in the timing of your departure as you did in your arrival, you can at least have some input in to how you are remembered when the time comes.

What sort of commemoration do you want for the colourful life you’ve led and the extraordinary person you’ve been? How can you make your farewell ceremony as meaningful to you as it will be for your family and friends? Using my knowledge and experience as a Funeral Celebrant, Remember Me encourages you to think about these questions and helps you find some answers, resulting in your own collection of farewell wishes. These wishes can then be shared with your loved ones in person, or simply placed with important documents so they can be found when needed.  And, of course, you can change or up-date your wishes at any time.

This is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. They will take comfort in being able to fulfill your wishes. You will know you are being remembered in a fitting way that means something to you. And, taking time out to focus on the end of your life will give a wonderful, new, uplifting perspective on who you are, the life you have lived and the years you still have to come. So be courageous and make that all-important difference while you can…

How does the e-course work?

This is a standalone e-course  – so no e-mails cluttering up your ‘in-box’ other than during the sign-up phase, when you’ll receive an e-mail containing a link to the Remember Me course pages. Here you’ll find each stage of the course to work through at a pace that suits you – you can do as much or as little of it as you like, when you like.  This is important because we’re dealing with a meaningful, emotive subject, and the many-layered, multi-faceted story of you and your life. So there are no timescales to follow or deadlines to meet – Remember Me will simply be waiting for you in its own welcoming space whenever you are ready and have time, appreciating the fact that your wishes may change or need up-dating in the future.

What does the course contain?

Remember Me is all about you, your life, and creating a celebration of your life that is personal to you. It's not a definitive guide to end-of-life issues or all-things funeral. That's a huge topic covering everything from ‘how to register a death’ to ‘choosing a headstone’ and my intention is to get you thinking, not drown you in detail. What we are focusing on here is the ceremony itself – that’s my area of expertise and what I believe will be most useful to you.

The course is divided into two parts – the first part looks at you and your life, while the second part focuses on creating the ceremony to celebrate that life.  Each stage contains the written information you need to start shaping your own decisions and wishes, together with exercises to complete and shared knowledge and experiences from me.


    1    Your Life Story – We all have our own story to tell, and we begin by drawing an outline of your unique life so far – where you’ve come from, where you are now and all the events and experiences in-between. There are also ideas for how to capture your story and inspiration from the life stories of others.
    2    Your Relationships – You’ve not been alone in your story and Part Two is all about the people who have shared in the journey of your life, lived alongside you, and how meaningful they have been. Plus the significance of ancestors and the people keeping our memory alive in the future.
    3    Memorable Moments – We look at the good, the proud, the challenging, and the eventful moments in your life that have been memorable to you. We reflect on why they mattered, what their impact has been, what you’ve learnt from them and reflect on other eventful lives.
    4    Music and Mementos – What music has featured in the soundtrack to your life? What photographs have best captured you and your story? What prized possessions could you never be parted from?  We’ll look at these all-important collections in Section Four and how they fit into the story of your life.
    5    The Unique You – You are a one-off, never-to-be-repeated individual. And that incredible fact is something to celebrate. So here we look at what sets you apart, from how you look and behave to your personality, qualities and values. We get an outside perspective and look at which unique individuals have inspired you. 
    6    Onward Journeys – In our final part we highlight what this journey through your life story has uncovered, what you’ve learnt from it and how you might like to share that wisdom. We look ahead to the years to come and focus on what you’d like to do more of, and end with some positive thoughts to see you on your way.


    1    The F-Word – We’ll start with three very good reasons why you should think about your funeral ceremony, and what a funeral is really for.  There are suggestions for how to capture your wishes, such as digitally, in writing, and other creative ideas. Plus a link to the Remember Me Workbook. 
    2    Types of Funeral Ceremony – This is the biggest section and that’s because it covers the all-important question of Burial or Cremation and the considerations that may have an impact on your decision. Plus the options and possibilities for where and how you’d like to be laid to rest, and the style of ceremony that is best suited to your wishes and beliefs.
    3    Your Ceremony – We begin to look at the many ways you can create a ceremony that is uniquely personal to you, starting with choices such as style of coffin (there’s quite a variety these days!), how you’d like to be dressed, the wonderful, colourful world of floral tributes, and memorable ways to arrive on the day itself.
    4    Music and Images – Music plays an essential part in any funeral ceremony, reflecting your tastes and personality, as well as the feelings you have for life and your loved ones. So how do you choose music and at what point in the ceremony is it played? We also look at the use of photographs, slide-shows, and video/audio recordings.
    5    Meaningful Words  – What will be said when everyone gathers to say farewell to you? How can your life story, your qualities and characteristics, your achievements and feelings be shared in an accurate and meaningful way? We answer all these questions, together with thoughts on poems and readings, and sharing personal messages.
    6    Final Thoughts – In our final part we discuss how you can live on through charitable donations and gifts, and the comfort your loved ones will gain from gathering together after the ceremony to share memories and raise a glass to you. Plus advice on how to tell your family and friends that you’ve put together your farewell wishes, and where to keep them.

What do I need?

You will need an e-mail account and a computer or tablet. Within the course I’ve detailed ideas for how you might like to capture all this information you’ll be working through – either digitally, as a recording, or good old-fashioned paper and pen. There is also the option of downloading a workbook I’ve designed for you in Section Two, which can then be given to your loved ones or kept safe with other important documents and paperwork. In terms of time, you decide how much of that you have to spare. I would, however, suggest that you might like to keep some momentum going and work through the course at fairly regular intervals. Each section builds on from the next so you don’t want to forget too much in-between.

How much does it cost? And how do I pay?

Remember Me costs £25 GBP

Payment can be made using a credit card or Paypal account.  If you wish to pay in dollars or euros your currency will be converted at the check out stage.