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“A unique ceremony for a unique life…”


When you lose someone you love, and you have to say goodbye for the very last time, you want that occasion to be as special and unique as they were. You want to picture them through the words that are spoken, feel them through the music that is played, and take comfort in the fact that their life, and what that life meant to you, will be expressed in a true and meaningful way.

As an experienced Funeral Celebrant, I can create and conduct a tailor-made ceremony that truly captures the essence of the person who has died, whatever their age, circumstances, beliefs or background, and reflects the feelings of those who loved and knew them best. By meeting you in the comfort of your own home, I can sensitively talk through your options and choices, creating with you a unique ceremony for a unique life.

In addition to funeral ceremonies I also do memorial services and interment or scattering of ashes. I can also help you to create your own funeral ceremony if you are facing the end of life, or simply wish to plan ahead.

Every life matters, every death matters… And it matters to me that you are able to say goodbye to someone you love in a way that is right for them and for you.

Truly personal funeral ceremonies

Many of us now expect funeral services to include more options than simply a choice between religious or non-religious. My funeral ceremonies bridge this gap by focusing on the beliefs and unique life of the person who has died as well as the wishes and feelings of those who are saying goodbye. Venues for these tailor-made funerals and memorial services include crematoriums, cemeteries, natural burial sites, village halls, function rooms – even your own home or garden. This individual approach to creating funerals helps to reflect the colourful, diverse lives and personalities of our loved-ones, while still maintaining a sense of dignity and respect. It would be nice to know that your funeral isn’t going to be exactly the same as the one that went before you at the crematorium, for example, or the one that will come after. We are all wonderfully different – why have the same funeral?

About Me

My name is Nicola Dela-Croix and I’m a fully-qualified and experienced funeral celebrant. I live in the village of Helpston, located between Stamford and Peterborough in Cambridgeshire where, during the last decade, I have established a reputation for delivering quality, professional and, above all, meaningful ceremonies.

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My work encompasses all ages and circumstances - from the elderly who pass away peacefully, to those whose lives are interrupted by illness, accidents or suicide. And sometimes, sadly, for those so young their lives never really start at all. I have also planned funeral ceremonies with the terminally ill, ensuring their wishes are carried out when the time comes.

Before becoming a celebrant I was a Funeral Arranger for a local firm of Funeral Directors, and I’m also an experienced Bereavement Support Worker, having trained with Cruse – the UK’s leading charity for bereaved people. I entered the funeral profession via journalism – another career that requires the same level of interest in people and their life stories, as well as keen listening and writing skills. As a qualified journalist and experienced editor, I spent 15 years on national magazines. So, as well as creative writing, I’m a good listener, super organised, always pay great attention to detail and accuracy, and never miss a deadline – all essential in the work I do now. And it’s work I love – helping people during, what is likely to be, the most distressing time of their lives is fulfilling, inspiring and a privilege.


“Your words helped restore a little peace and comfort back into our lives.”

D. Rowell, Peterborough

My role as a funeral celebrant

I will create and conduct a tailor-made ceremony that is both meaningful and memorable, in close consultation with you, your family, as well as your chosen funeral director. My services to you will include the following…

After you, or your funeral director, contact me, I will arrange to visit you at your home, or another mutually convenient location, where we can discuss the sort of funeral service you would like for your loved one. We’ll talk about their life, discuss options for music, readings or poems, and whether anyone from the family or friends would like to speak on the day. Plus share any other thoughts or ideas for what you would like to happen during the ceremony. This could include the display of photographs, placing special flowers on the coffin, live music, or simply a wish for everyone to wear colourful clothes instead of black.

Ceremony creation
After our meeting I will put together the ceremony and, if required, write the main tribute. I will send you a copy of the tribute before the day of the funeral, so you can make sure you’re happy with it and all the details are correct.

I will work closely with your chosen funeral director and liaise with any relevant staff at your chosen venue in the lead up to the funeral.

On the day
On the day of the funeral itself, I will conduct the ceremony and support you throughout the event.

All-inclusive fee starts from £225
This fee is for services within the Stamford and Peterborough area.


“It was lovely to be able to laugh during the service - Dad would have really appreciated that!”

H.Blickling, Deeping

Other services

In addition to funeral ceremonies I offer a range of other services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help with any of the following…

Memorial ceremonies
I can compose and conduct memorial ceremonies at a venue of your choice, for example a function room, village hall, private home or garden. This ceremony can take place before or after a committal ceremony at a crematorium or burial ground, or take place separately at a later date.

Interment or scattering of ashes
I’m often asked to carry out interment or scattering of ashes ceremonies for someone whose service I have already led, as well as joint interments or scatterings for spouses, partners or family members, including pets.

Funeral planning for the terminally ill
I have arranged funeral ceremonies with people who are facing the end of life and want very much to express their wishes and organise their final farewell. It is an incredibly brave but important step on their part, and their contribution can create the most meaningful, memorable ceremonies for all concerned. If you are facing these courageous decisions yourself, it would be a privilege to meet you and help carry out your final wishes.

Pre-planning funeral ceremonies
Thinking about the type of funeral service you would like to have is – contrary to popular belief – not a morbid, negative or depressing thing to do. It can be uplifting, liberating and comforting to know you will be saying farewell to life and loved-ones in a way that means something to you. And if you’re thinking “what’s the point? I won’t be here to worry about it” think of it instead as a gift to those who will be left behind. They are the ones who, in their grief, will be trying to make big, fundamental decisions, like whether you would want to be buried or cremated. They will, of course, want to include their own tributes and personal touches on the day. But if you can make it a joint effort, I’m sure they (and you) would appreciate it. I’ve written a book called Celebrate Your Life containing all the advice and information you need to help you create your own truly personal funeral ceremony. You can purchase it HERE