Funeral Celebrant


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"You turned a day I was dreading into something remarkably beautiful."

G. Belmont, Stamford



My name is Nicola Dela-Croix and I create tailor-made funeral ceremonies that celebrate individual lives. As a Funeral Celebrant I’ve led more than 1,000 ‘Life Celebrations’, each one capturing the true essence of the person being remembered and reflecting the feelings of those who knew and loved them best.

We are all wonderfully unique and so are the precious lives we live. Those lives matter to us, to our family and friends, to the world we make our mark on... And when those lives draw to a close, our uniqueness and our value to others should come alive in a final, meaningful reminder of the colourful years we’ve experienced and the extraordinary people we have been.

You managed to capture the spirit of our wonderful Mum as though you actually knew her. Your ceremony was so uplifting we all left on a high – reminiscing about the wonderful times we shared. What a gift you have...
— T. Clarke, Peterborough

During the last decade I’ve established a reputation for delivering beautiful, quality ceremonies that are as memorable as they are meaningful. My expertise has also been shared in talks and magazine articles, and used to create a positive, practical guide to planning your own unique funeral ceremony - Celebrate Your Life. My experience in end-of-life issues and suppporting the bereaved has also inspired me to put together a Manifesto for Life - 10 ways mortality awareness can help us lead happier, more contented lives.

I believe that every life matters and every death matters. We all bring something uniquely valuable to the world and that should be recognised and celebrated not only when our time comes, but also while we are still here. So whether you need my services as a Funeral Celebrant now, want to plan a life celebration for the future, or simply want a gentle reminder that you are mortal, valuable and your life has meaning… you will find all you need among these pages.

Nicola Dela-Croix