Funeral Celebrant




The optimistic guide to creating your own unique and truly personal funeral ceremony.
By Nicola Dela-Croix


In this life-affirming practical guide, Funeral Celebrant Nicola Dela-Croix takes away the fear, busts the myths and clears the confusion that can be associated with funeral ceremonies, so you can take control of creating your very own, truly personal life celebration. And as she helps you piece together a unique farewell for your unique life, you’ll discover a new-found appreciation for the person you are, your value in the world, and the preciousness of life itself. 

Celebrate Your Life explains…
• How embracing your mortality gives life a whole new perspective.
• Why a unique life needs a unique send off.
• What makes a meaningful funeral ceremony.
• The full range of funeral ceremony options available. 
• A step-by-step process for capturing your life story and choosing your ceremony content.
• Ways to share your farewell wishes with loved-ones.

Whatever your age or life experience, playing a part in how you are remembered will be the most positive thing you’ll ever do for yourself, and for your loved-ones. Don’t miss your chance!

The Author

As a Funeral Celebrant, Nicola Dela-Croix has created and led over 1,000 life celebration ceremonies, gaining a wealth of experience in the funeral and bereavement sector. Now she is using her skills and experience to show people how to create their own unique life celebrations and raising awareness of the positive benefits of engaging with our mortality. Before becoming a Celebrant, Nicola also enjoyed a successful 15 year career as a magazine journalist and editor for some of the UK’s best-selling special interest publications.  

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Celebrate Your Life is currently available on Amazon as an e-book (£4.99) and paperback (£7.99). Click HERE to purchase now!