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Welcome to Remember Me


Remember Me
Part Two

By Nicola Dela-Croix


Hello! Welcome to Part Two of Remember Me – and well done for taking the brave and positive step of thinking about your farewell wishes. Over six different stages we’ll look at what makes a meaningful life celebration and your options for the type of funeral you feel would mean something to you and your loved ones.

Along the way we’ll look at everything from flowers and coffins, to music and photographs, together with the all-important story of your life, personal messages and other meaningful words, plus advice on how to share your wishes with your loved ones. 

Part Two combines all the information and thoughts you gathered in Part One, together with my knowledge and experience of the funeral profession and creating life-led ceremonies. It won’t be morbid – I promise! So, whenever you are ready, come on in…


Part One: The F-Word

We’ll start with three very good reasons why you should think about your funeral ceremony, and what a funeral is really for.  There are suggestions for how to capture your wishes, such as digitally, in writing, and other creative ideas. Plus a link to the Remember Me Workbook.   

Part TWO: Types of Funeral Ceremony

This is the biggest section and that’s because it covers the all-important question of Burial or Cremation and the considerations that may have an impact on your decision. Plus the options and possibilities for where and how you’d like to be laid to rest, and the style of ceremony that is best suited to your wishes and beliefs.

Part Three: Your Ceremony

We begin to look at the many ways you can create a ceremony that is uniquely personal to you, starting with choices such as style of coffin (there’s quite a variety these days!), how you’d like to be dressed, the wonderful, colourful world of floral tributes, and memorable ways to arrive on the day itself.

Part Four: Music and Images

Music plays an essential part in any funeral ceremony, reflecting your tastes and personality, as well as the feelings you have for life and your loved ones. So how do you choose music and at what point in the ceremony is it played? We also look at the use of photographs, slide-shows, and video/audio recordings.

Part Five: Meaningful Words

What will be said when everyone gathers to say farewell to you? How can your life story, your qualities and characteristics, your achievements and feelings be shared in an accurate and meaningful way? We answer all these questions, together with thoughts on poems and readings, and sharing personal messages.


In our final part we discuss how you can live on through charitable donations and gifts, and the comfort your loved ones will gain from gathering together after the ceremony to share memories and raise a glass to you. Plus advice on how to tell your family and friends that you’ve put together your farewell wishes, and where to keep them.